What is an Affiliate Program?

The 10CRIC affiliate program is a platform where you can earn very good money from us. The only thing you need to do is become a partner and promote our brand. Participation is absolutely free. Becoming a member of the affiliate program will give you a great opportunity to raise your income by working with a top brand.

You can use your blog, social media or any website to help promote 10CRIC when your registration has been approved. Attract new players from your community and help them register on our partner platform. Get the money depending on the number of monthly attracted to 10CRIC customers and the income they brought to us.

How to join

How to join

It will not be difficult to become a 10CRIC affiliate partner. You need to submit an application and we will respond to you within 72 hours (or less). See how easy it works:

  1. Create an account on the 10CRIC Partner Platform
  2. Wait for the email to confirm approval
  3. Use your partner account to download 10CRIC promotional images
  4. Share resources on your websites, in groups, chats and forums
  5. Invite your friends and acquaintances to see them, and if they like them, register at 10CRIC by clicking on the referral link
  6. Wait for your commission payment

With our professional and friendly staff, you can resolve any problem and ask any questions you may have. Our team provides a variety of ready advertising materials, containing images, web pages and links, that will help you in promoting the 10CRIC brand among your community in the best way. Your partner account contains everything you need, so download and publish it. The key to success is our materials. They reveal 10CRIC – the more people see them, the more likely they are to become our new customers, and you will earn more money!

Your income is unlimited and has no restrictions. Promote 10CRIC and start increasing your profits! Do not forget about an affiliate link-one of the convenient tools for engaging players. It can be used when registering a new user on the 10CRIC affiliate program. By clicking on the referral link once, the player is constantly assigned to the participant, which brings you the passive income.

How much you can earn

How much you can earn

By posting materials and promoting 10CRIC, you get income, which depends on the number of people from the community you bring to us every month. The money that you get (your commission) is a percentage of the total sum of real money that we have earned from all the new players that you have attracted to us for the month. Here is a clear example:

Earn ₹5,000 if you attractEarn ₹20,000 if you attractEarn ₹90,000 if you attractEarn ₹175,000 if you attract
5 new depositors10 new depositors30 new depositors50 new depositors
and they lose a total of ₹50,000and they lose a total of ₹100,000and they lose a total of ₹300,000and they lose a total of ₹500,000

So, the more people you attract, the more money you get. Help us to tell all the willing players that they can play on the sports betting markets for all their favorite sports among Indian customers, including cricket, football, tennis and Kabaddi!